A key data source for Unsub is the à la carte price for each journal--the actual real-world cost you'll pay, if you choose to subscribe to that journal individually outside any Big Deal. For any given journal, there are three different sources for the à la carte price:

  1. Public list price: This is the à la carte subscription price from the publisher's website, in USD. By default, Unsub uses public list price where we can find it when your currency is USD.

  2. Custom uploaded price: You can upload a simple spreadsheet with custom prices for each journal. Any custom prices you upload will override the default list prices, and be interpreted in the currency you have chosen for your package.

  3. No price: If we couldn't find a public list price for a journal (or your set currency is not USD) and you haven't uploaded a custom price for it, then the price is unknown. In that case, this journal will be omitted from forecasting, because we don't know how they will affect the financial side of the model.

You can see the source of price data for each journal by going to your institution page, clicking the publisher you are interested in, opening the Setup tab, and then scrolling down to the "A-la-carte prices" section.

Here's what that "À la carte prices" section in a still image so we can take a closer look at it:

We can see at the top that there are 192 Journals with no price data, and 1,774 journals with price data from the default public price list. We haven't uploaded any custom prices, so there are no journals with custom prices. Let's fix that.

The file we upload is really simple. It just needs two columns: ISSN and Price. Then you just include a row for every journal where you have a custom price to set. Currently only USD prices are supported, and the file needs to be in .csv, .xlsx, or .xls format with just one sheet. Here's an example:

To upload, just click the Upload button, click "Select your file," find your file and select it, then click Upload. You'll wait a minute or two while Unsub uploads and processes the file. Then when it's done, you'll see something like this:

We've uploaded some of the missing prices, so there's now only 179 journals without price data, instead of 192 like there used to be. We've also included a bunch of journals with prices that override the defaults, so the "public price" number has dropped from 1,774 to 1,416. All told there are now 371 journals with custom prices. Notice that there are also 30 rows in our upload file that had some kind of input error. We can click on that little "30" and see the errors specifically. Here are the first two:

The first one looks like we just forgot to include the price for that journal. That'll be easy to fix. The second one is a bit more cryptic. It means that this ISSN doesn't actually represent one single journal, but instead some kind of mini-bundle composed of multiple journals. Currently Unsub only supports pricing at the single-journal level. To fix this, you'll need to replace this row with individual rows, one for each journal in the mini-bundle, each with its own price -- see this article for more details.

Once these errors are fixed on your local spreadsheet, you can just delete the current file by clicking the "Delete" button, then re-upload your new one.

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